Contribute an Article


This page outlines the process by which new authors are found, accepted, and eventually published. If you're interested in seeing your piece in one of the future issues, this is where you want to start.

If you're familiar with cold-calling (or cold-emailing), this process should be familiar. It's merely a more regulated, easy-to-understand form to take some of the confusion and stress out of proposing an article.

All articles on Writing in Darkness begin as proposals for future pieces sent to the domain email address:

These proposal emails are formatted in this manner:

  • Subject line: "Article Proposal for the [next month's] Issue"
  • Body:
    • Your full name, followed by your phone number (calling is Writing in Darkness' preferred method of talking with writers about their ideas), and your primary email address. You may also add links to any pertinent social media accounts and your website if you have them, but they are not necessary. 
    • An abstract - about 200 to 500 words - quickly summarizing the basic ideas, themes, and general structure of your future article. 
    • An equally long biography detailing anything about yourself that is interesting or unique, along with you educational and professional history.

Your idea should have something to do with the general theme of the site: reading and writing, and writers talking about themselves and their craft. Some examples of the topics covered by this theme would be:

  • Careers and Business: The adventures of becoming a writer professionally; a look into the money that surrounds writing businesses; the harshness of surviving as a writer in the modern workplace; the future of writing as a lifestyle.
  • Education: The effect of teachers and the educational system on a student's outlook on writing and reading; how writing and reading are taught in schools from elementary to college; the place and future of the humanities and STEM's impact on language skills; the newest trends in pedagogy and classroom innovations.
  • Books and Literature: reviews of the newest and more underrated publications; revisiting the classics and the Western canon; theories and criticism on fiction and non-fiction writing; interviews and spots on new writers and their experiences.
  • Society and Community: the type of reading and writing that takes place on social media outlets; how authors and writers interact with each other and collaborate; the challenges and risks in pursuing large writing projects.
  • Personal Narratives and Creative Non-Fiction: authors writing about how reading and writing play an important part of their lives; stories about authors' career experiences and encounters with other writers.
  • Just for Fun: parodies and satirical pieces; humorous stuff about words and text.

...among other similar stuff that matters to writers of all kinds. This list is not intended to exhaust every possible topic and idea that can be published on this site, but simply to show what Writing in Darkness is looking for generally. If your idea is related to reading and writing in some fashion, but you don't see it delineated here, you should consider proposing it. The best examples of what can be published here are, of course, those articles that have already been published to the site. Read past issues for inspiration and familiarity.  

If your proposal has merit, Axel will contact you, preferably by phone, or else email, to talk with you more at length about your vision and plans, which may lead down the path towards contract and publication. Being contacted does not guarantee that you will be contracted or published.

You do not need any work or educational experience for your proposal to be considered or for your article to be potentially published. Each issue typically has a theme, but you do not necessarily need to propose ideas within that theme. In short, if you have an idea for piece that you think is worthwhile and interesting and that you want to talk about, Writing in Darkness wants to hear from you. Send your proposals without fear or restraint.