Call for Submissions:

May / June 2018


Writing in Darkness is looking for article proposals for the upcoming May / June issue! This issue will focus primarily on these themes:

  • Education: The way we teach students how to read and write currently, in the past, and the possibilities for the future; the obstacles that prevent students from learning to read and write critically; personal accounts and narratives from English teachers and students across the spectrum, from kindergarten to the post-graduate level; the state and future of the Humanities and their relationship to STEM.
  • Literature: Reevaluating the western canon of classic lit; book reviews and literary criticism; the importance of certain books in an author's life; accounts from authors who are trying to publish books and have published them; what the future of literature will look like. 
  • Childhood Experiences: narratives about how reading and writing in their childhood helped shaped the authors into who they are today.
  • Community and Accessibility: The importance of amenities like public libraries in instilling a love of reading in people; the necessity of communities and support systems to nurture writers and readers; discussions on current attitudes towards literature and writing, and how they may change.

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all possible ideas, but a quick outline about the spirit of the issue. If you have an idea that is related to these themes, but isn't explicitly delineated here, feel invited to send it to the site. Follow the guidelines at the "Contribute an Article" page of the website to have your ideas heard and possibly published.

In fact, if you have an idea for a future article that is related to reading and writing at all, but doesn't fit within the framework of this issue, send it to the site anyway. If you have a thoughtful, interesting idea, Writing in Darkness wants to hear from you. The "Contribute an Article" page also examples of what kinds of articles get published here generally.