About the Site

The world is becoming a place where people can't punch-in, work, and punch-out without any fanfare or notoriety and expect to live like a human being; increasingly, to be able to do so is to be noticed, to have clout beyond immediate family and co-workers. We've been told that this is a good thing, that the movement of the economy away from manufacturing and service towards the creation and processing of information will eventually benefit everybody. That's probably true, in the long run. In the meantime, no one's making quite enough money or being noticed quite enough, and there is little productive discussion about what information we should be creating and processing when we get to that point. The people who would contribute most to that discussion - and who would be most affected by it - aren't the ones whose voices are getting elevated, anyway.
This is what I want the ultimate accomplishment of this site to be - a small light shining on people otherwise moving about in a thick mire.
~Axel Gonzalez, Eyes in the Dark: Editor's Introduction

Writing in Darkness: A Platform for Freelancers to Talk About Themselves and Their Industry is a magazine-style, online publication focused on the places of writing and reading in modern society. Contributors touch on subjects ranging from reading and writing education, the publishing business, and literary criticism to personal narratives about what reading and writer means to the authors, among other topics.

Above all, Writing in Darkness is about elevating the voices and opinions of those who do not get the opportunities to express themselves in their regular lives. The site is centered on freelancers, people who aren't writers professionally and who are looking a place to post their views, amateurs searching for their first professional publication, academics wanting to write in a different environment, students trying to supplement their income and add value to their resumes and portfolios, and more established writers looking to write about topics outside of their wheelhouse. By bringing in people from different professional and educational backgrounds, people of various ages and cultures, to speak about common experiences and social issues, this platform creates a repository of thoughtful writings that is unique in online blogging.

The site's contributors are encouraged to write how they want, in their unique styles. As much as Writing in Darkness is about discussing language issues, it is just as much about celebrating and appreciating different modes of expression within different writing genres. The goal is not to impose a unitary style in order to achieve an arbitrary consistency, but to provide a space where writers feel empowered and free.

Writing in Darkness is the fictional business name under the sole proprietorship of Axel S. Gonzalez.